Life is full of unforeseen & unfavorable events. Most are pleasant, but some events may have devastating consequences on quality of life (accident, death, divorce, illness, etc.).

Insurance is a key part of your financial security. Our unique and affordable insurance strategies helps you to get coverage for you in all stages of life. According to your needs your insurance will change over the time. To overcome this problem, we have various insurance plans for you. Combines Insurance Plans are a simple, affordable way to meet all of your life, health, accident and disability insurance needs. These plans offers multiple coverage, for one or more people, in a single insurance policy.

  • You can switch from one insurance plan to another without having to provide proof of good health when you become a parent, when you enter a new age bracket, etc.
  • Most coverage can remain in force for your entire lifetime.
  • Pay a single premium for multiple coverage, rather than a separate premium for each plan.

At Ace Financial Group Inc., we have designed auto, life and health insurance plans in a way that prepare you to confront all kind of situations confidently.


Life insurance

Life insurance is an incredibly important part of economic planning, but not lots of people want to discuss about it. To make this issue more accessible, Ace Financial Group Inc. is putting out the exact facts and other helpful pieces of details to inform about life insurance in Mississauga.


Drug And Dental Insurance

Drug & Dental Insurance protects yourself and your family against the unexpected costs of health & dental care. It is a wise decision to purchasing individual health insurance, if you’re not fully covered by a group health plan. We’ll help you choose between dental coverage, drug coverage or a combination of both.


Critical Illness Insurance

Critical Insurance pays a lump sum on initial diagnosis of a serious medical problems. You are permitted to keep the money even if you make a full recovery.


Long Term Care Insurance

Long Term Care Insurance will protect you and your assets. Long Term Care Insurance preserves the dignity, independence and financial well being of your family. If you require long-term care services in your home or in a long-term care facility and all your premiums back if you never make a claim, Receive up to $10,000 per month. There is a 50% probability that you will need long term care in your lifetime.


Disalility Insurance

Disability Insurance provides financial protection when an accident or illness causes you to be disabled to earn an income. You are unable to work as a result of injury or illness, Disability Insurance replaces up to 2/3 of your income. Unlike Critical Insurance and Life Insurance (where the benefit is usually payable in a lump-sum and such payment ends the contract),


Group Benefits

Pick and choose your employee benefits viz; Life Insurance, Short Term Disability, Long Term Disability, Drug & Dental benefits. Alternatively just give us a $ budget per employee per month and we will design the plan for you. Minimum number of employees 5.


Non-Medical Life Insurance

Are you afraid of needles and medical examinations?? We have plans to offer to you for guaranteed coverage even if you were diagnosed with Cancer or any other life threatening conditions in the past.


Visitor Insurance

Ace Financial Group Inc. provides and delivers you the best insurance plan of planning a trip. Visitors Insurance can make sure that your trip insurance choice is the right plan at right price to grab the benefits for enjoyable trip.


Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance is very imperative Insurance. An accident may happen during a short business trip to anyone so Travel Insurance play vital role to protect you from sudden loss. Many health services outside Canada cost much more than coverage by OHIP.


SuperVisa Insurance

SuperVisa is the best way of family reunion, the Canadian citizens and permanent residents have an option to invite their parents and grandparents to visit them on SuperVisa.


New Immigrants Insurance

A ``New Immigrants Insurance” plan will protect a New Immigrant from unforeseen necessary medical bills during enrollment period of time with Provincial Health Plan. Enrollment in a Provincial Health Plan can take three months to a year, depending on the Province and requirements.


Mortgage Insurance

Buying a home is always exciting but before you sign on the contract, make sure your that you have Mortgage Protection Insurance to insure you and your family can still meet your mortgage payments in case of accident, sickness, critical illness or loss of life.


Auto / Home / Business / Insurance

Ace Financial Group Inc. has been proudly providing the best auto insurance at the most affordable rates in Mississauga and the GTA for over 100 years.

Discover the Ace Financial Group agent Advantage and see why so many drivers choose Ace Financial Group as their auto insurance in Mississauga.

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