Get a life insurance in Mississauga and discover your policy choices.

Top Factors You Should Know About Life Insurance

Life insurance is an incredibly important part of economic planning, but not lots of people want to discuss about it. To make this issue more accessible, Ace Financial Group Inc. is putting out the exact facts and other helpful pieces of details to inform about life insurance in Mississauga.

How Much Life Insurance Should I Select?

If you get Life Insurance in Mississauga, you want ensure that all essential economic aspects are protected so they do not become a pressure for your family. These factors can include:

  • Income replacement for your family
  • Taking proper care of your children’s knowledge
  • Paying down sources
  • Dealing with excellent economical debt
  • Other expenses

I Have Kids – How Much Life Insurance Do I Require?

If you have kids, there are different areas that you need to determine into your financial planning.

  • Meals
  • Clothing
  • Health Treatment
  • Personal Attention
  • School and entertainment
  • Transport
  • Homes
  • Child Attention

What Type of Life Insurance plan Do I Require?

There are various types of life insurance – here is quick overview of various insurance types:

Term Life: Life protection that will terminate at the end of a set term and which does not acquire any value. It is a genuine insurance item: simple and easy to recognize.

Universal Life: A mixture of life insurance and an expense component. A portion of your rates go into your account, growing your net worth. You can select how the investment aspect is invested. Universal Life typically comes at a greater cost than a Term Policy.

Whole Life: One of the most complicated life insurance items. Like Universal Life, a Whole Life plan also has both insurance plan and investment components.

Why We Are Right For You?

Life insurance plans at Ace Financial Inc. Mississauga are always be spoken to meet clients’ budget and needs. With our best insurance services in the Ontario, you would also get benefited with the future offers that you can add with your existing policy.

Term Life Insurance

Term Life Insurance provides you an affordable price for a pre-determined period. If the insured person dies during the chosen period (e.g. 1, 5, 10 or 20 years), his/her loved ones will receive tax-free benefits. It is a cost-effective and simple plan, with some flexibility to adapt to your long-term goals. We offer a number of Term Life Insurance solutions to help you protect your financial interests and estate needs. Term Insurance is the low-cost, temporary insurance protection. It is generally used to meet a temporary need (example – mortgage protection, replacement of income) or a need for a large amount of insurance at the lowest possible initial price.

Important things to consider when buying term life insurance:
If you need coverage after the expiry of your first term and if you are in good health, you will qualify for better rates with another insurance provider. If you have developed some health issues over the years, you may simply renew the term plan or convert it to a whole life plan without any medical evidence.

It is really a good choice for you if:

  • You’ve got dependent children
  • You’ve got debts that need short-term protection
  • You’re a business owner with substantial start-up costs

Advantages for opt Term Life Insurance:

  • Premiums are fixed for the full policy period

You can choose to round out your insurance with add-ons like:

  • Premium waiver in the event of total disability
  • Accidental fracture
  • Accidental death and dismemberment coverage
  • Critical illness coverage
  • Child insurance rider
  • Payor death and disability waiver

Whole Life Insurance

Whole Life Insurance (also known as Permanent Life Insurance) remains in force for the whole of the policyholder’s lifetime. The premium amount can be paid up over 20 years, until age 65, or to age 100. Participating insurance works well for people who have a long-term focus and for people who would rather have the investment component of their policy actively managed by investment professionals. Also, the investment mix is long-term in focus and lower risk than policies which utilize a significant portion of investments in equity-linked accounts. It is primarily invested in high quality bonds and mortgages. The long-term focus and high quality of the assets results in a relatively stable return over the long run.

This type of insurance typically has a guaranteed basic premium, guaranteed basic coverage and guaranteed cash values.

The initial premium for participating insurance is generally higher than for similar plans that don’t offer dividends, but the net cost after receiving dividends is expected to be lower over the long term. There are a variety of ways to use the dividends. For example, dividends can be paid in cash or can be used to buy additional insurance on a tax-advantage basis.

It is really a good choice for you if:

  • You want to leave your loved ones an inheritance
  • You want to be able to stay insured, no matter what happens to your health

Advantages for opt Whole Life Insurance:

  • Your costs are fixed – your premium will never go up
  • You’re covered for life
  • You can be purchased as an only product or in combination with other life and health insurance products
  • You can choose to round out your insurance with add-ons like:
  • A disability benefit
  • Accidental
  • Death and Dismemberment coverage
  • Accidental fracture
  • Children’s insurance

Universal Life Insurance

Universal Life plans are specially engineered to combine life insurance protection with investment returns. Through flexible policy features, you can customize the different choices of death benefits and investment options to satisfy your changing insurance needs at all times.


  • Increase your Basic Coverage up to an amount of your choice.( Proof of insurability will be required.)
  • Add Term Insurance Riders to provide additional coverage. (Proof of insurability will be required.)
  • Construct your own investment portfolio from a variety of investment options.
  • Apply for a loan against the cash value or withdraw all or a part of the cash value, a portion of which may be reportable as taxable income.
  • Enjoy tax-deferred growth on your investment returns earned based on the current provisions in the Income Tax Act (Canada).

To best maximize the fund value of your Universal Life policy, the insurers offer a series of guarantees including:

  • Guaranteed minimum returns on Daily Interest and Guaranteed Interest Accounts
  • Guaranteed maximum daily Insurance management fees on Indexed Accounts
  • Guaranteed Level Cost / YRT (Yearly renewal term rates )
  • A guaranteed Monthly Administration Fee