RESP – Registered Education Savings Plan Mississauga

Savings to Fund Your Children’s Education
An RESP plan is very much similar to the RRSP, but it is meant for your child’s education. It promises to secure your kid’s future by giving him the financial support for post-secondary studies. From a registered education savings plan, your grandchild, nephew can also get benefited.

A Viable Plan That Offers You To:

  • Secure your child’s future with the education.
  • Lets you grow your savings amount to a threshold of $50,000.
  • Get benefited from the Federal Government’s grant which is twenty percent of the contribution term for a maximum of $500 per year. This grant gets deposited automatically in your RESP.
  • If you are residing in Quebec, it makes you eligible for the provincial government grant in which you get a refundable tax credit of 10 percent for a maximum of $250 per year.
Why Should You Consider RESP Which is a Flexible Plan

In case your child does not prefer to continue with the education
You can choose to benefit other child.
You are allowed to withdraw original contributions and that too, tax-free!
With certain conditions, you can transfer your account to your RRSP.

Why choose an RESP with Ace?

Following an RESP with our assistance lets you avail the following benefits:

  • We give you a full access to investment funds.
  • We offer viable options and ease of getting benefited with the Government’s grant.

Applying for an RESP With Ace Group And Secure Your Child’s Future! Call Us Now!